The Benefits of Bundling In-Plant Services with Rescar

Bundling in-plant rail transportation services with Rescar Companies can offer several benefits to organizations, especially those that rely on rail transport for their logistics and supply chain operations. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Cost Savings
    • Bundling services with a single contractor can lead to cost savings through economies of scale. The various services can share equipment and administrative personnel.
  1. Streamlined Operations
    • Managing multiple rail transportation contracts with different providers can be complex. Bundling services with one contractor streamlines contract and safety management, reducing administrative overhead.
  1. Improved Efficiency
    • The repair, movement, and loading of a railcar can be better coordinated internally by a single contractor. Scheduled track outages for maintenance can be planned with the least amount of disruption.
    • Through cross-training, a portion of the workforce can be utilized to perform multiple services, reducing downtime and resulting in a possible reduction in head count.
  1. Quality Control
    • With one contractor responsible for all aspects of rail transportation, there is a higher level of accountability. It’s easier to track performance, enforce service levels, and address any issues promptly.
  1. Customization
    • A single contractor can work closely with the organization to develop customized transportation solutions that meet their facility’s specific needs. This could include specialized regulatory certifications (AAR/FRA/DOT/MSHA/OSHA), the design of railcar cleaning units, facility-specific PM track programs, and ISO tank certification. Rescar would bring to bear the certifications and resources to provide the services your facility requires.
  1. Simplified Communication
    • Having one contractor as the point of contact simplifies communication and reduces the likelihood of miscommunication or confusion, leading to smoother operations.

  1. Flexibility
    • As your transportation needs change, a bundled contractor can be more flexible, as a cross-trained labor pool can adapt to a change in daily priorities.
    • A single cross-trained labor pool can provide coverage for vacation days, sick days, and short-term vacancies.
  1. Vendor Relationship
    • Working with a single contractor fosters a stronger working relationship, which can lead to better service quality and a deeper understanding of your organization’s needs over time.

Bundling in-plant rail transportation services with Rescar Companies is a strategic move that offers a multitude of benefits. From cost savings and simplified management to enhanced efficiency and tailored solutions, this approach can streamline your operations, reduce risks, and improve overall performance.  Unlock the full potential of bundling services and let Rescar keep your fleet moving, safely and effectively.