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Whether it’s mechanical repair, gates and hatch cover repair, stencil work, or lining refurbishment, our mobile hopper car unit will come to you to get the job done. Our qualified technicians perform proper interior coating inspections and repairs, eliminating freight costs and greatly reducing out-of-service time, improving utilization. By addressing lining defects prior to complete lining failure, we can add years to the life of your lining.
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services provided

  • Interior coating inspections
  • Welding repairs
  • Coating touch-up and repairs
  • Outlet gate repairs/rebuilding
  • Buffing of hatch rings and outlet gates
  • Hatch cover repair/replacement Interior cleaning after inspection/repairs are completed
  • Interior cleaning after inspection/repairs are completed
  • General repairs/safety system inspections
  • special equipment special equipment

    special equipment

    • Portable grit blasting/vacuum equipment
    • Forced-air curing equipment
    • Coating repair inspection tools
    • Pressure washer

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    With over 50 years of expertise, we get your most valuable assets back on track with the highest safety and quality standards.
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