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when nature strikes

Submerged Railcar Services

Flooding can occur on a regional scale and affect multiple facilities and potentially thousands of cars. That’s why it’s critically important to contact a responsive submerged car service at the first sign of standing water. When fleet managers in the know experience flooding, they turn to Rescar!
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Keep Your Fleet Moving Keep Your Fleet Moving

Keep Your Fleet Moving

If you experience standing water at your facility, Rescar’s experienced inspectors can quickly assess the impact on your fleet, immediately clear railroad maintenance holds on unaffected railcars, and then determine the extent of submersion and repairs required on those that were affected by flooding.

Every Second Counts

Every day of submersion represents a day your facility is at a standstill. It only takes 1.5 feet of water to bring your entire fleet to a halt.

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With over 50 years of expertise, we get your most valuable assets back on track with the highest safety and quality standards.
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